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Mission And Vision

Our Vision

To have a community that assists all who are in need during early recovery.  Our community has grown to a place where we help each other. We have a strong circle of people in recovery who understand what it takes to stay clean and live a meaningful life. 

Our Mission

Most of our clients come from treatment centers. It is our mission to assist them in early recovery to find social services, education and jobs to meet the goals of each individual. For our long term residents we provide an environment where they live comfortably in a well connected community.

Recovery 12 Solutions, LLC 

Featuring -

  •  Attractive well maintained homes 
  • Live-in management teams
  • Managers are Certified Recovery Coaches
  • Single and Double rooms
  • TV's in all bedrooms
  • Large screen TV's in all living rooms
  • Cable and WIFI
  • Comfortable clean furnishings
  • Separate homes for men and women
  • Fully furnished kitchens with ample supplies
  • Laundry facilities in all homes
  • Social gatherings to maintain and celebrate recovery
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